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The “1450 Hellenic Exceptional Herbs” company is involved in the field of cultivating and trading aromatic plants and aims to showcase the exceptional quality of the aromatic plants of the Hellenic land.

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The 1450 Mountain Tea

Mountain tea belongs to the Lamiaceae’s family and to the genus of Sideritis, which contains almost 150 species that mainly grow at the mediterranean countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Turkey. In our country it is known from the ancient times and is refered by Theophrastus (372-287 B.C.) and Dioscuride (10 A.D. century). Today, 17 species are growing in Greece. Its scientific name is Sideritis spp or Dioscuride’s Sideritis.

Awards & Certifications

Great Taste Awards 2020

Comments of Judges (Great Taste Awards 2020)

Attractively presented product, it’s clear a lot of effort has gone into preserving the whole flowers. Subtle on the nose, with delicate floral notes coming through. Perfectly clear, pale yellow colour. Very clean and delicate on the palate, with subtle citrus and peppermint notes coming through to make this a enjoyably well rounded tea.

Great Taste Awards 2018

Comments of Judges (Great Taste Awards 2018)

Very attractive sunshine colour, bright with good clarity. Attractive presentation – the buds are whole, bright and beautiful. Light aroma, grassy notes on the nose. Delicate vegetal, citrus and subtle herbal notes on the palate. Altogether a refreshing drink with mild herbal and citrus notes.The judges felt this is a very pleasant soothing tea, made with a good quality ingredient.

TUV HELLAS Certification

Quality controls are carried out throughout the production process from cultivation, drying to standardization. The products were certified for their organic origin as “under conversion to organic farming” by TÜV HELLAS (TÜVNORDGROUP).

International Taste 2020 Winner

SILVER 81/100 to 90/100

Excellent product.
1450- Mountain Tea product was awarded with a silver award from the International Taste Awards, among thousands of contestants in Brescia of Italy. It competed in the single-origin tea category and received the highest rating in its category.

News & Events

International Taste 2020 Winner

We are delighted to announce that our 1450- Mountain Tea product was awarded with a silver award from the International Taste Awards, among hundreds of contestants in Brescia of Italy. It competed in the single-origin tea category and received the highest rating in its category.

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